Monday 24 November 2008

Erotica 2008

I went to Erotica 2008 at Olympia in London at the weekend. It wasn't very erotic! There is something about trailing around past lots of stands which exercises the feet and legs not the genitals or the mind. Its always this way - it was the same at the Yoga Show and the Festival of Mind Body and Spirit. As the venue has to be commercial, and as a decent stand costs a few thousand pounds for the three day event; it can only attract the high-profit commercial sector.  

The real problem is that a show can only show easily what is on the outside, the exterior of what is a very interior world. What is erotic is a space in our mind, in our imagination and perhaps in our energy. What is shown are corsets, whips, jewelry and bondage gear. The external paraphenalia of a hidden world, of internal dramas.  Only the art exhibits could point beyond themsleves to the inner world of the artist - and there were some lovely statues and pictures.   The floor show, and we only saw one hour of it was more like circus and acrobatics; very skilled but any traditional Indian dancer would have been more erotic.

What is most erotic is what is hidden, or hinted at, rather than seen. Like a stripper; what is hidden is more interesting than what is exposed.  The erotic has immense power and if you are in touch with your erotic energy you can tap in to this power; So, for you; what is really erotic? Can you experience your erotic energy as it moves in our body?  Bringing awareness to your aliveness is the basic prescription for living; as well as the shortest definition of tantra. My work as an erotic healer, and tantric masseur as well as a therapist is all about this and removing the blockages to living from our erotic self.