Tuesday 9 October 2018

New Moon and the Start of Navaratri

Tonight is the start of Navaratri, a ten day festival to celebrate the feminine, Shakti and the forms of her wisdom and virtue in our lives.  It starts with the goddess Durga which can be seen as a form of Kali who destroys impurities and things that no longer serve us. The first three  nights are in honour of Kali, the “terrible” form of the goddess who destroys the demons of ignorance, disease, ego and selfishness.  She gives strength and motivation, and empowers us towards spiritual growth she has weapons like a bow and arrow and spear riding on a tiger to ruthlessly seek out what is not serving us any longer.

For the second part of the festival the goddess is Lakshmi who is seen as the Mother and connected to spiritual wealth.  She is often depicted on a fountain of milk holding symbols of wealth and abundance.  She gives abundance, good health and opens the heart to gratitude and generosity. She grants clarity to envision our future goals.

The last three nights are for Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and art.  She inspires us through science, art, music and education.  She is generally shown playing a rudra vina a stringed instrument  She expands the ability to understand systems and to create beauty. She dispels ignorance and grants wisdom.

On the tenth day all forms are worshipped. They are the consorts of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

In some parts of India and Nepal it starts with Saraswati and ends with Kali. There are also goddesses for each of the nine nights.

So, find a woman, and the goddess inside yourself (men and women) and honour and revere her. Everything is born of woman. Celebrate the feminine it all its forms.

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